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Process involved in transcription services

Transcription services stands for converting a sort of details into a different type of details. Medical transcription is nothing but transcribing the information from one format to another format which is related to medical field. The person who is executing these tasks is called as “Medical transcriptionist”. This blog speaks about the information that contained in the documents they transcribe and the process they follow to transcribe the dictation.

Basically medical transcriptionist must have the knowledge about the medical terminologies. They should understand pharmacology and treatment assessment. They must be able to transcribe the abbreviations into the appropriate expanded forms. They can refer medical reference materials if they do not understand any terminology. Experienced transcriptionist will spot errors or inconsistency in a material and correct the information. It reduces the chance of patients receiving harmful or inefficient treatments and guarantees the high quality patient care.

Healthcare providers transmit their dictations using analog or digital dictating equipment. Many transcriptionists receive dictation files over the internet and transcribe them quickly and send it to client for approval. Another method widely used by the physician is Speech recognition technology, which electronically converts sound into text and creates drafts of reports. Transcriptionist then formats the reports and edits the mistakes in translation, punctuation or grammar and check for the consistency. The transcribed document will contain medical history, operative reports, progress notes, physical examination reports, consultation reports, autopsy reports, discharge summaries, diagnostic imaging studies and referral letters. These documents become part of patients’ permanent files.

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Ecommerce opened new horizon to the modern world

E-commerce or Electronic commerce is the online trading of products or services via Internet or other computer networks. As the same in the traditional commerce, buyers and sellers come together to exchange merchandise for money but only the means will vary. In traditional commerce, all the exchanges will be done personally. In E commerce , commodities will be swapped via Internet. It offers convenience to the buyers as well as sellers. Buyers can visit multiple of website to compare prices and make purchase. By sitting in front of their desktop, they can do purchase all around the globe. They can save their time and energy where as the sellers can cut costs and expand their markets by avoiding their operational costs namely build, staff, or maintain a physical store or print and distribute mail order catalogs.

Sellers can feel the convenience of automated billing systems and order tracking cuts supplementary labor costs. If the product or service can be downloaded such as e books, video / audio file or computer software tools, there is no distribution costs for the seller. The key advantage is the product can be sold over the global internet. They can market their products globally and there is no limitation by the physical location of a store. They can even track the interest and preference of the customer and use this information to have an ongoing relationship by customizing the products according to their requirement.

E-commerce put away time, energies, labor and money and released a new perspective to the modern age.

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Know about health insurance claims processing

When ever we go to the doctor, we used to fill out long forms with all our insurance information and then produce our insurance card to the receptionist. Did we ever think what happened next in the insurance claims processing? Let’s brief this process using a small definition. A health insurance claim is the bill from the health care provider for the health care services. They will turn to the insurance company for payment. There are many plans from which we can choose and sign up according to our convenience. When we go to the routine check up, let us assume our bill is $200, we pay co-pay or co insurance of $50 and our doctor bills our insurance carrier for the remaining of $150. Even before we make an appointment, our insurance claim begins. It is advisable to read and understand our policy thoroughly to avoid shocks when we settle up with our doctor or pharmacist as our insurance carrier is responsible for paying benefits alone and what ever covers under our policy. Don’t hesitate to get clarified with your insurance representative about all the terms and conditions. This is mandatory when something comes up, like a diagnosis that requires treatment which does not covers in our policy.

Inner operation involves in processing claims:
As soon as we make the co payment, our doctor sends our bill to the Insurance claim processing center. The center gathers all the appropriate information from our doctor such as intake forms, the patient information sheet and the proper services documentation. These are compared with the Insurer’s explanation of benefits to find whether the policy covers the services. If it covers, the Insurance carrier will settle up the payment for the remaining balance. If it does not, we are responsible for the balance amount. Most of the medical claims processing is free of hassle, provided our claims should not get denied. But how can we go ahead if our claims get denied? Here is the solution for the rejected Insurance Claims.

Solution for the rejected health claims:
Now your claim has been denied and you are under the pressure to pay the huge bill, which is remaining. Here, you can take all the measures to avoid the rejected claim like calling your insurance company or thoroughly going through the policy and you can try the denial to acceptance. A quick phone call resolves your issue, if the claim got rejected due to the administrative error on the side of the insurance company. If it does not help, you can request your insurance provider to review your claim. In this case, you must resubmit your claim, which is reviewed by a health care professional. We must note here that these formal review processes should be carried out within a particular time line. In case the formal request is denied, we can call the state Insurance department and ask for help. Every state has its own Insurance department that protects the consumer and the regulatory processes of the local Insurance companies.

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Back Office outsourcing

We can emphasize several remarkable advantages of outsourcing.

Drive your concentration on your core competency:
Back office processing requires complete attention and high maintenance. It consumes plenty of your time by monitoring everyday activities. Even you would have missed your hot leads because of your day to day activities. By outsourcing your back office operations, you can completely focus on your core competency.

Higher productivity at lower cost:
Implementing new technology often is risky task for a big company. As the technology in market develops rapidly, it is difficult to adapt the new technology for a big company. They need to spend quite a lot of time and money in training manpower. Outsourcing these tasks to a company which has proper resource and expertise will be cost effective.

Cut off the Manpower cost:
Outsourcing helps a company to get the task done at extremely lower cost. It saves recruitment, training and any other human resource costs. This will help in increasing the productivity as well. Company can utilize the expertise by outsourcing their tasks to the well organized BPO firm without even spending a penny.

Active competition:
In today’s global economical competition, companies are expected to provide high quality at lower cost in order to keep hold of their customer. Instead of executing internally all tasks, outsourcing will save their time and cost extremely. It also helps the company to maintain their quality with best service cost. It adds an advantage for the company to stand among the competitors.

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