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Data Conversion Services Intended For Easy Business Data Management

Business data management is necessity for every business around the world. Data administration needs continues keep an eye on data and well-timed conversion of format to produce your data suitable. Data conversion assists in converting data format from one file to another file format. By outsourcing, you can obtain more advantages. There are many data conversion services provided by data conversion businesses. Let’s take a look at several practical use of each format:

MS Excel: Excel is an essential method for every single organization to maintain information. It is very simple in use. You can simply create different report and graph in it. At most of the enterprise, peoples are using new file format of MS Excel. And so there is higher need to convert your old file format to newer file format.

PDF: PDF is strongly suggested format for enterprise. This format helps you to signify you data without troubling the formation. This file format is works with almost all of the systems.

HTML: It is the easy solution to represent your business around internet world. It is standard markup language for producing structured information to take hold of interest of online customers.

XML: It is quite useful format for enterprise development. This format is impartial to all system. This format really helps you to distribute your new offer over old, new and faithful buyers.

SGML: This format is basically used by government sectors, big corporations, online information provider and also agencies intensely reliant over information. It is great for simple management of more details such as encyclopedia, dictionary, and technical documents and other.

CAD: It is extremely difficult to control the big engineering drawing manually. By means of cad conversion you can certainly draw it and make changes in drawing as per necessity.

Word or Document: Every now and then, businesses need paper and documents to handle the business. They might need catalog to catch the attention of customers. To attract online purchaser, they have to convert printed catalog into electronic file format. All such are protected under document conversion services.

All kinds of data conversion services assist you business for profitable and smooth efficiency. These kinds of services must be exact and timely for greater performance of your business. There are many data conversion services sellers at your services to make you conversion task precisely and timely.

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A survey of Document Management Services

Document Conversion Services

Document Management services includes data entry, processing and conversion services. In the day-to-day actions of document work in an organization, it is become troublesome to regulate them in a sequential order. Newly arriving and outgoing paperwork of a business needs becoming in perfect arrangement in a database, this however is necessary as it comes in useful for easier browsing during times of urgent situation.

Data management can be outsourced to a company conserve money and time. This can lead to a rhythmic flow of actions of your business as well as buy you time to focus tougher on your key business. Outsourcing Data Entry services will adhere to different advantages in a competitive market making high uptime and competition.

Document Management services offers assist with many market sectors and customers ranging from experts to suppliers, suppliers to companies. Development of a business is totally relying on document management services such as data entry, conversion and processing services. Data mining is one more essential feature in which data is removed from different areas on the web, determined and organized.

Data Entry services

  • Online Data Entry Services
  • Offline Data Entry Services
  • Data Cleansing Services
  • Data Mining Services
  • Directory Services
  • Data Capture Services

Data Processing services

  • Word Processing
  • Insurance and claim processing
  • Image processing
  • Survey processing
  • OCR clean up processing
  • Litigation services
  • Check Processing
  • Mortgage Processing

Data Conversion Services

  • PDF conversion
  • PDF to Word conversion
  • PDF to excel conversion
  • Media conversion
  • E-Book publishing
  • XML conversion
  • HTML conversion
  • SGML conversion
  • CAD conversion

Document Management is simply set up of standard paper work or documents after entry and conversion. The method can be incorporated into the operating systems which previously are available as a result stopping the cost to set up such procedures and increases the revenue of the business. Details of document conversion can be made easier; it is a method in which all the paper documents are converted into digitized file format. HTML, SGML and XML conversions are also done.

Outsourcing work partners offer these kinds of services at cost-effective prices obtaining you time to spend with friends and family and also completely focus in moving your business into a new high level. The entry of documents has to be fully error-free because document work that flows in huge volumes and mistakes would produce a problem depending on the devastation it brings upon you.

The reason why Document Management Services should be outsourced?

  • Data entry to the database is performed on a day-to-day basis therefore maintaining and indexing them for free browsing.
  • Preserves time and money.
  • Effective data mining services.
  • Document conversion in order to save space and difficulties.
  • Data processing- removal and creation of spread sheet, data cleansing and data capture services

Document management services are one of the key aspects in the strong running of a business. Data entry solution is a leading service provider of document conversions, Data entry, Data conversion services.

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Document Conversion

Information on papers occupies more space at warehouse and office desks. The corporate information is of real value and data available on documents are very confidential.

The information of a company will be available either in handwritten documents or printed documents are converted into digital information which are sorted and organized to easily retrieve information and manage data.

The benefits of document conversion

Eliminate all papers from desk, cupboard and office locations.
Reduce spending on warehouse to store documents.
No space required for storing paper documents.
Office space and infrastructure can be used for better facilities.
Save cost on man hours in removing access and retrieval of hard copy documents.
Easy option to store all information on digitized disks
All documents can be accessed and shared on any network and system.
Information can be accessed and retrieved at any location at any point of time.
The documents are converted and simple to use

The document can be converted from PDF to excel, PDF to word, PDF to text, PDF to HTML and so on. Conversion of documents provides great flexibility in managing and sorting data.

Data conversion helps organizations to maintain high efficient database which are structured and accurate. Data conversion is an additional benefit to convert data and for easy understanding of information

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PDF Conversion Services

Data Entry solution offer PDF scanning and conversion service. In short the method of scanning and converting the documents into Portable Document Format. PDF Scanning can best be defined as an electronic copy. We convert scanned documents into image only PDF files or to fully search-able image plus hidden text.

PDF (portable document format) files are a normal format for paper storage, PDF files can be viewed, and printed on any PC with Acrobat® Reader installed.. PDF is the file format of choice for storage into electronic data and to provide document management systems with the appropriate file format. With the help of PDF users can quickly search for text within documents

DES offer the following PDF conversion services

PDF scanning,
PDF document conversion,
PDF searchable,
Tiff to pdf,
Word to pdf conversion,
There are 3 types of PDF scanning services:
Image Hidden text-   In this type we  will be able to view the image as the original scan, but will search only the converted (hidden) text. The search term will be highlighted as a box around the raster text.
Image Only- In this kind of scanning we just scan the pages and combined them into a file. We could not search for a text.
Normal-  In this type we can  search for a text but could not edit any text.

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SGML conversion

SGML stands for Standard Generalized Markup Language. SGML is used in  organization to assist in creation, storage and delivery of their information products. SGML conversion projects help large corporations and online information provider a lot.
At Data Entry Solution we would do the following process for SGML conversion:
Analyzing information and developing Document Type Definitions ( DTD)
Writing SGML Specification
Implementing Software’s for SGML processing
Validating and QC audits
Our SGML conversion service include the following :
SGML to HTML for web publishing
Text to SGML
SGML to CD ROM publishing

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What is Data Conversion?

Data conversion is the process of converting data from one format to another format.
Data Entry Solution, a pioneer in providing outsourcing solutions can provide your organization with efficient data conversion services. We track a strict data conversion process for file format conversion, document conversion, document digitizing, data conversion, EDM, PDF conversion, XML conversion, book conversion and word formatting services. Our data conversion experts use the most recent and best in data conversion tools and data conversion software to ensure that we provide our customers with quality data conversion solutions.

Data conversion outsourcing permits normalizing your data or information and can be easily stored & retrieved for future reference.
Steps involved in data conversion:
1. Paper documents are scanned and fed into database
2. Files are converted to desired format . For example, if a file is in tiff format and needs to be converted in word, the process is done here.
3. Electronic documents are efficiently indexed by experts
4. Completed files are checked for quality and converted to removable disc
Other important customized data conversion services are as follows:
. Document Conversion
. File format Conversion
. XML, HTML, SGML Conversion
. PDF Conversion
. Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)
. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
. Catalog Conversion

Data Entry Solution offers customized data conversion solutions for your all conversion requirements with affordable rate. For more information about data conversion services please contact us at: OR E-mail us at:

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Outsourcing Data Conversion Services

For the important documents which are required in different formats for any particular reason Data Conversion Services plays important role. Data Conversion is the process of converting the information from paper into digital records. In today’s business world converting the data in readily available format is standard requirement to increase efficiency in business. In these days, the business firms are using online services to avoid paper work. Bpo companies offer high quality data conversion solutions to the global clients. These companies are well equipped with latest technologies and infrastructure. By outsourcing the task the client can concentrate on their core business. Most important and necessary tip to look out while processing the work is to examine the format after converting.

Some of the conversion is HTML Conversion, PDF Conversion, CAD Conversion, Media Conversion and more. Thus by outsourcing the project firms can enjoy various advantages in terms of quality, efficiency and cost. The firm can also concentrate on the core business and promote business activities. After the completion of the work the outsourcing firm will furnish the output in any structured format like Microsoft Word, Micro Soft Excel, Microsoft Access – as per the clients requirements. For the data conversion service quality of work plays a vital role to get beneficial results. This service prevent access, downloads or copying of confidential documents or information as it customize software for data capture and workflow.

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