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Transcrition Services

Transcription Services at Data Entry Solution

Data Entry Solution is a one-stop solution for all your transcription services need. We do general transcription, Business transcription, medical transcription and legal transcription. Our committed and skilled team manages all your transcription works with the greatest care. Our most important aim is to offer a professional transcription service to you at reasonably priced rates.

We give obdurate quality, price within your budget, extremely perfect transcripts and timely delivery. All transcripts offered by our experienced transcriptionists are verified, reviewed and proofread to make sure the accuracy level.

Our transcription service price starts at $1 per minute of recording for general transcription. Our transcription service is perfect for business consultant, students, psychoanalysts, teachers, professors, market researcher, psychiatrists, attorneys, writers and law offices.

•    Business Transcription : in this type we Covers all kinds of transcription services for Seminars, Meetings, Lectures, Conferences, and Videos
•    Interview Transcription Services: We put forward dedicated services for One-on-One and Multi-Speaker  transcription
•    Academic Transcription: it covers Dictations, Lectures, Conferences, Interviews and Seminar.
•    Market Research: here we do transcription for, Interviews, Meetings, and Dictation services
Benefits of Outsourcing with us
•    High quality: We have well experienced transcriptionist who constantly bring high quality work.
•    Affordable: Our reasonable transcription service starts at USD 1 per minute.
•    Flexibility: Our turnaround time choice helps you plan transcription costs.
Email us or call at (408) 694 3673 for more information.

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What is Medical Transcription Services?

Medical transcription is generally also known as MT, It is a process of transferring voice recorded reports which is being dictated by general doctor or an surgeon  and/or other health care professionals, into text format like word document.

Medical transcription will be performed by MTs who will be employees in a hospital or the person’s who work from home for the hospital . The word transcript is most generally used to refer document (electronic or physical hard copy). This report is called as a “medical record”.

A MT needs to type correct spelling of all terms that are being dictated by the physicians. All transcription reports must meet the terms with policies and confidentiality.

The process:

When the patient visits physicians, the physicians spare time with the patient analyzing his health problems which includes past history. The doctor does his physical examination and advice different laboratory examinations. When patient goes out of the hospital, the physicians records the information about the patient via digital voice recorder device. This information is recorded into a cassette recorder. This recording is now accessed by a medical transcriptionist,

Knowledge and skills needed to be an MT
• Knowledge of medical terminology
• Medical Style of writing
• Good verbal communication
• Capability to sort,  count, and cross the numbers.
• Must be able to follow the written instructions.
• Maintenance of records.

Responsibilities of an MT

• The transcriber needs to  transcribes accurately the patients information like  name or SSN (Social Security Number. )
• Should transcribe with correct punctuation, spelling, grammar
• Maintains references for medical course and terminology.
• Maintain a transcription sheet log
•  Quality check.
Due to the high demand to documents for medical records, countries started to outsource the services of medical transcription. One of the major reasons for outsourcing is cost advantage and quality.

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Ever growing sector in outsourcing

The real meaning of transcription is converting the spoken words or audio/ video files into written language. We can have hand writing, photograph of text formats converted into pure text using the transcription services. Outsourcing plays a vital role in transcription services. It’s growing into various fields such as medical, legal, business, video, audio according to the technological innovation. The name of the person who carries out this transcription task is called as “Transcriber”, also many small companies are specialized in this field and they are taking care of transcription tasks on a full time basis. Now, it is widely adored by the freelancers. It is emerging home business. If anyone willing to work from their home, they are expected to have certain documents. For instance, regarding legal transcription there are several different methods available. There are special schools/ colleges/ Universities providing many courses related to legal transcription. With a quick training, a career in transcription and court reporting can open a new way. Court reporting companies are functioning across the world.

The best profitable and challenging career is medical transcription. It has spread its wings in all over the world. It is nothing but transcribing the medical records that have been dictated by the Doctors. Medical transcription associates the medical records between a patient and a Health care professional. It can also be taken care of home based professionals. One should have sound knowledge in English in order to have a good career in transcription filed. They should have sensitive listening skills, sharp vision and typing skill with accuracy. Transcription is a ever growing field and never shows any slow down. It allows us to learn new things at every stage.

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Process involved in transcription services

Transcription services stands for converting a sort of details into a different type of details. Medical transcription is nothing but transcribing the information from one format to another format which is related to medical field. The person who is executing these tasks is called as “Medical transcriptionist”. This blog speaks about the information that contained in the documents they transcribe and the process they follow to transcribe the dictation.

Basically medical transcriptionist must have the knowledge about the medical terminologies. They should understand pharmacology and treatment assessment. They must be able to transcribe the abbreviations into the appropriate expanded forms. They can refer medical reference materials if they do not understand any terminology. Experienced transcriptionist will spot errors or inconsistency in a material and correct the information. It reduces the chance of patients receiving harmful or inefficient treatments and guarantees the high quality patient care.

Healthcare providers transmit their dictations using analog or digital dictating equipment. Many transcriptionists receive dictation files over the internet and transcribe them quickly and send it to client for approval. Another method widely used by the physician is Speech recognition technology, which electronically converts sound into text and creates drafts of reports. Transcriptionist then formats the reports and edits the mistakes in translation, punctuation or grammar and check for the consistency. The transcribed document will contain medical history, operative reports, progress notes, physical examination reports, consultation reports, autopsy reports, discharge summaries, diagnostic imaging studies and referral letters. These documents become part of patients’ permanent files.

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