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It is evident that Internet has transformed people’s everyday activities a lot including how they read books. Before they used to get books from the library or from the bookshops but now they do not need to search and waste their time. By spending their few minutes on surfing to the internet, they can have instant access to the book of their choice now days as E book or Electronic book make it happen. Ebooks are the electronic substitution of hard copy of books, which are an increasing trend among the readers as well as the writers. Writers have to spend a lot of money to publish their hard copy of books but the revenue that they gain will be too less. They don’t even need to look for any publishers, who will support to print their books as they can release their books online by following simple steps. E book publishing opens up a great way for writers to become popular and earn more money. In addition, they no longer have to face rejection letters from the publishers. Making an e book online is a hassle free job, but still it requires a lot of work which includes marketing, creativity and protecting against privacy.

Adobe Acrobat® and Flip Album® are the most common software that is broadly used in E book publishing. There are so many programs available to shorten the process of publishing e books. They can even use pictures to attract the readers by subscribing to royalty-free photos. Royalty free means writers buy licensing rights to use photographs they choose from the website. Creative thinking plays a vital role in writing a book. They should determine the audience before writing the book and marketing the book. Marketing has the equal importance as it can make big difference in the number of readers the writer gains. Publishing should happen through an appropriate medium where your book will reach the target audience. It includes selecting which sites has the high traffic and distribute their e book. Writers may also need to consider the issues of privacy. This kind of copyright violation can strip them of thousands of dollars a year in lost income.


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