Tasks to outsource to a Virtual Assistant

In the blog, I will try cover the most demanding and buzzworthy workloads that are done by virtual assistants anywhere remotely for you. Virtual assistants could almost do any task out from any part of the world except for the ones which are done in person. Yet they are imperative to do both official and personal tasks that you think you can’t do being busy yourself or the ones which are not of your priority.

As a business owner or a professional, at times you can’t stretch to hire a full time staff for patchily jobs that comes to you or those that needs to be completed at distinct intervals. Hiring a virtual assistant for the situation could be the sage choice otherwise. We have flicked through different articles, posts, newsletters, chronicles et cetera about the jobs that are done by virtual assistants at hitherto and came up with most staggering ones that could be delegated to VA.

Let’s get to the list now.

Personal tasks

The obvious first thing what most of them delegate to their VA is the personal tasks. Assigning it to someone in your team who already has other duties could be a daunting asks to them.

Here are some tad examples of tasks done by virtual personal assistants (VPA):
  • Helping you with online purchases or shopping for gifts and have that shipped to someone you’d like to deliver. You may also have your VA to make provision to run personal errands.
  • Making reservations and booking tickets for movies, parties, events, diner, travel etc.
  • Tracking your personal calendar to have a scheduled appointment followed and having those reminded to you at the right time so that you never miss any deals and handle it well within time.

Planning and organizing any events by knowing your preferences while keeping your kitty in mind.

Social Media Management tasks

Despite the fact there are heaps of social media management tools and software to manage your brands digitally, having a virtual media assistant (VMA) prepped would do well for your business. Since, they are commercially successful.

Your VMA is in charge for:
  • Creation and management of profiles on diverse channels such as Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest etc.
  • Concoct, curate, and manage every content that are broadcasted (images, video, documents and audio/podcast).
  • Scheduling unlimited posts across multiple social channels.
  • Updating any relevant and most recent information on your social profiles.
  • Monitoring your brand engagement on social network and marketing it through different mediums.

Administrative tasks

These tasks spread across almost every industry with a multitude of duties falling within the ambit of administrative assistants. Nonetheless virtual administrative assistant (VAA) or a Virtual office assistant (VOA) could perform these tasks equivalent to typical in-house resources.

Some of that entails:
  • Responding to emails, phone calls, leaving voice mails.
  • Managing spreadsheets and customer contact lists.
  • Accounting, Bookkeeping, and creating reports.
  • Online research and generation of leads.
  • Preparation of presentations, training manuals and other document materials

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