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Chat support refers to an online chat, which enables communication through the internet, moreover it furnishes real time conveyance of message between sender and receiver. Generally, chat massages are very precise that entitle participants on the other end to answer/ reply instantly. Chat support is a tool that can be viewed on any company website and company apps to provide solution to queries put forth by customers. This platform helps both the client and the agent to exchange their information through message for mutual benefit.

Further, chat support can be on live only when both the customer and the agent present at the same time. This chat support will be live on 24/ 7 to answer all the questions by customer. Chat support functionality must operate efficiently to respond to common questions. Chat support is very essential for business development. These days all sort businesses have a website to attract many customer across the globe. However, just website alone does not go with success of any business.  Including add-on features on website would be even more beneficial.

The main feature is chat support, which helps to connect with people in real time and to receive feedback. Now a days businesses like banking, e-commerce are few, which let people to analyse any product before purchasing through direct chat with business representatives and people could also provide in satisfactory comment about any PDF So, the provider could maintain the standard of their products.Chat support with artificial intelligent programming helps to present information to customer even in the absence of the agent and could also maintain multiple conversations.In short, chat support is a tool set that is utilised to ensure the client satisfaction with the product. This tool provide concurrent conversation among people through text message, which is also important medium for business development model.

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