Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation Services

Nowadays all service-based industries require good leads (prospects) to promote their business to the target audience. Even a good quality lead is of no use unless it is converted into a sale. We DES not only generate leads, but nurture them and help convert them into sales through our expert team that is great at persuasion which would result in increased revenue and profits for our clients.

We have a vast experience in providing lead generation services to our clients ranging from different industries. With a team of hard-core sales force at hand, we can guarantee one of the best lead generation services this side of the planet. We can assign a team based on your requirements and the volume of leads you are looking for. Click here to know about the exciting offers we have for you today.

The leads we help generate include:

  • Sales Leads
  • B2C Sales Leads
  • B2B Sales Leads
  • Technical Sales Leads
  • Telemarketing
  • Multi-industry Sales Leads

Why should you choose DES for your Lead Generation requirements?

  • Our team studies your requirements in depth and generates valid leads.
  • Lead Generation Strategy will be created based on specific requirements and developed to suit specific needs.
  • Our team ensures that you get the appropriate leads, thus helping you increase your revenues, always helping keep costs under control.
  • Detailed analysis provided enabling you to understand the B2B lead generation strategy better, and to also suggest improvements, if required.
  • We post regularly in forums, social media, blogs etc. and ensure that you get international reach and good leads are generated from all over the globe.
  • We help you reach out to customers through effective email campaigns.
  • DES offers sure-shot lead generation solutions that help convert leads to positive sales.
  • Prompt follow-up on hot leads and effective communication with prospective customers help generate better sales figures and increasing revenues.
  • We can undertake time-bound short sales campaigns as well as sustained lead generation services for extended periods.

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