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Animation gives better understanding rather than a cluster of words or text, irrespective of all languages. Apart from entertainment, animation is a splendid communicative tool –

  • To promote business among all kinds of consumers.
  • To educate wide range of audiences.
  • To create social awareness on a particular issue.

At Data Entry Solution, a team of vibrant and fanatical animators take up all types of animation such as 2D (vector based), 3D (CGI, computer animation), motion graphics (typography, animated logos) and stop motion (claymation, cut-outs) services to creators and producers of animated films, TV series, commercials and video games.

Our first step is to know our client’s objectives, deadline and budget requirements.
We work in accordance with our client’s brand guidelines to render on time top quality animations.

We kick start every project with uniqueness and appealing creativity to bring fantasies to life. Novel ideas are our nourishment, which emboldens our animators to get remarkable outcomes.

Our prudent animator’s choose correct characters for every single project which is paramount for the continuous success of Data Entry Solution in the field of animation.

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