Data Entry Solution provides a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research service. At Data Entry Solution, we use the latest methodologies and offer range of Research and Analysis services such as market research, web based research, Financial Market Research to individuals and companies. Our experienced Research professionals possess strong domain expertise and technical skills to efficiently handle even complicated research projects. We provide high-quality research, expert analysis of competition, markets, products and services, and reliable researched data for businesses. We analyze and integrate information from critical data sources.


Our high quality, cost effective research and information service always swiftly supports corporations and Institutions around the globe which also cost effective. Data Entry Solution helps you analyze the current market strategy, distributing channels, pricing, promotion strategy, and other marketing decisions. We gather information, analyze and present it in a report format.


We provide the researched data in a variety of ways. Our outcome is a clean, accurate, uniform digital file, formatted to your specifications.


We do research tailored to your requirements including but not limited to:

·          Monitoring and Customized Newsletters

·          Analysis of Customer Segments, Products, Channels, Technologies

·          Updating of Existing Research

·          Spreadsheet modeling and maintenance

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