Data cleansing

Data Cleansing

Poor data quality is a reason for 40% of all business initiative’s failure to achieve their target. Vision Global leads the organization by delivering reliable, error free and clear information in various areas like Business Process Efficiency, Business Analytics, Merger & Acquisition, and Compliance. We are dedicated to improve your data accuracy and thus maximize your profit.

Our system removes or deletes duplicate data, replaces or modifies inconsistent data and/or appends incomplete data. Our team simplifies data cleansing by providing a personalized plan of action for your organization. Vision Global ensures that all data processing, cleansing and manipulation will be completed in-house and in a confidential manner.

Data Cleansing Service

Our Data Cleansing Service involves the following:-

•    De-duplication: Removes duplicated data at various levels.
•    Name & Address Enhancements: Validates names and addresses.
•    Gone Away Processing: Flags or removes individuals who have moved house.
•    Mortality Screening: Flags or Suppresses Deceased records.
•    Preference Service Screening: Removes unmailables, uncallables and unfaxables.
•    Telephone Number Appending: Adds or updates phone numbers.
•    Custom File Suppression: Suppress files against each other.
•    Address Suppression: Removes international addresses, PO boxes, BFPO's, etc.
•    Gender Analysis: Analysis of individual’s gender.
•    Age Suppression: Suppresses by Age.

We provide free data auditing. You can send your data for auditing and we will send you an audit report to state any issues we have found. You can then select one of our data cleansing services to be performed.


Data Cleansing

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