Accounting & Financial Services

Accounting & Financial Services

Accounting & Financial Services

Though managing day to day accounts and finance is a non-core part of a business, it is an important task that has to be handled safely. To provide secure and high quality finance services, one needs highly trained and skilled resources along with latest financial & accounting softwares and tools. In this backdrop, Data Entry Solution’s Accounting and Financial Services are designed in such a way that the service can elevate the role of the finance function of our client’s organization.

Services offered by us include:

Book keeping services – ledger maintenance, accounts payable and receivable reports, financial and income statements, invoice processing services, inventory services etc

Accounting services – financial accounting services, payroll accounting services, small business accounting services, online accounting services, and tax accounting services etc.

Account payable services - management of all paper-based payables documents and exception transaction, audit and control duplicate payment, bill management, travel and expenses processing, tax reporting etc.
Accounts receivable services - Billings preparation, entering receivable transactions into the accounting system, preparing and delivering periodic statements, issuing of credit memos and refund checks approved by the customer, maintaining subsidiary receivables ledger, carrying out process adjustments approved by the customer, applying cash received to customer accounts and resolving short pays, preparing accounts receivable reports, accounts receivable deductions management  services etc.
Tax preparation services – we provide tax preparation services for individuals, companies and partnerships. 
Payroll services - end-to-end payroll accounting, tax administration and reporting services.
Each and every service is handled by subject experts and the services are provided by employing project managers for individual clients.  Our infrastructure is set-up in such a way that the clients can receive timely information on your organizations account details. We send weekly or monthly reports based on your requirements. 
Above all, Data Entry Solution ensures hundred percent security for all your financial data. 

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