Medical Coding

We provide flexible, cost effective Medical coding solution to the health care providers. Correct coding is essential in enhancing revenue and decreasing compliance risk. Our medical coders are well trained in AAPC. Our medical coding specialists are well updated with the latest changes in CPT/HCPCS and ICD-9 codes. Our Medical Coding experts review all dictated reports to ensure completeness and accuracy. This unique service maximizes revenue and protects against accidental fraud and abuse.

Steps involved in Medical Coding:

• Accessing Files:  We can receive the patient information through the secure FTP

• Pre Coding: Pre-coding is the process were we enter the key-in codes for referring doctors, insurance companies and modifiers

• Coding: We understand the importance of accuracy in coding on your revenue. Our coding team consists of efficient and experienced coders. There are two types of coding errors, Up-coding (or over-coding) which will result in denial. Down-coding (or under-coding) that will result in reimbursement much lower than what you deserve. We check for the compatibility of detection with procedural codes with the appropriate modifiers

• Quality Check: The completed files are reviewed by our certified senior coding staff who checks on the accuracy of the codes assigned

• Submission: The chart which is coded are transmitted to our billing team or submitted directly to you (as per your requirement) for further claims processing. This is either done by uploading the coded charts onto a secure FTP location or by email.

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