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HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) that work to find fraud, and abuse in health care delivery and health insurance. The purpose of HIPAA is also to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the health care system.

We at DES have appointed a HIPAA privacy officer who manage and facilitate the HIPAA process for our clients. He will be responsible for developing and maintaining the educational programs to the internal staff and external clients on HIPAA compliance. We help the Providers to fulfill the PHI (Protected Health Information) Privacy and Security requirements.

We provide limiting access to the application by providing individual access with User Name and Password, context based access, auto log off from the application when no action is performed for a certain time. Encryption technology (128-bit) that conforms to the proposed HIPAA rules for information transmitted over the Internet.

Benefits of HIPAA:

• Guarantee secrecy of patient records and data.
• Avoids fines and penalties
• Increased efficiency
• Streamlined process workflow
• Public exposure risk is low
Steps involved in processing a transaction through HIPAA involve the below:
• Enrollment & Premium payment verification
• Eligibility verification
• Referral authorization for admission or specialized services through phone, fax or electronically..
• Claims benefits
• Remittance advance ( EOB)

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