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OCR Clean Up Services

While converting any image or text in to a digitized form, occurrences of errors are unavoidable. In some applications, correcting these OCR errors can be time consuming and costly. Minimizing time and cost can significantly reduce the bottom line of the entire project. Data Entry Solution has experience in serving clients top notch OCR services throughout the world.

Data Entry Solution provides OCR (Optical Character Recognition) cleanup service to fix the errors and improve accuracy which in turn increases quality of the data. We use latest technology to provide the service and this process is carried out by our extremely well trained employees. The data also goes through quality control system so as to curtail errors and stop data loss. Thus, if you are looking for an excellent OCR cleanup service then you have come to the right place.

Our OCR Cleanup Service’s advantages:

•    OCR cleanup are handled by extremely well trained technicians
•    The cleanup promises 100 percent accuracy
•    We use latest high speed scanning equipment
•    We provide cost effective OCR cleanup service.

We have hands on experience in handling OCR cleanup process that can be utilized in a huge array of data capture requirements such as

•    Banking forms
•    Magazines
•    Bill remittance forms
•    Directories
•    Periodical
•    Survey forms
•    Insurance forms
•    Bounded books
•    Medical forms etc.

Data Entry Solution ensures that the documents you receive will be much cleaner even before verification thus reducing the turnaround time.

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