Toll free dictation transcription

Toll free dictation transcription

Data Entry Solution provides Toll free dictation solutions for medical, legal, or other professionals. Our solutions include Toll-Free phone in systems, PDA Personal Desktop Assistant - Pocket PC, or PC Based. If you prefer to dictate directly into your PC, our system will automatically record your patient information, work type, and route the dictation files by email, FTP, or network drive to your medical or legal transcriptionist. We provide our Toll free dictation solutions for Doctors, Lawyers, and other professionals in the Medical, Legal, Insurance, and Investigation professionals.
Our toll-free services include:
  • Twenty-four hour accessibility
  • Access from any touch-tone phone (Ground-based, cellular or digital)
  • A toll free dictation line
  • Touch tone control keys
  • Medical Dictation Menu
  • Automatic Transfer of dictation files to a transcriptionist or transcription company of your choice via secure FTP.
  • Assured confidentiality
  • File storage on CD (optional)

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