Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is the process of converting the doctor’s dictation into a text format. The patient information which is confidential is converted into a written format using a medical transcriptionist. Our well experienced transcriptionist transcribes the audio file into an electronic data. The converted data will be checked by our proof reader which helps us to deliver the data with high quality and cost effective service with full accuracy.

Medical transcription services includes document typing and formatting the functions according to the need specified by the client. We at Data Entry Solution can transfer the patient's information into a written and easily readable form. The process of MT needs correct spelling for all the terms and words.
Process involved in Medical Transcription Services:

When the patient visits a doctor, he spend the time in examine the patient. He also performs some physical examination and then decides on the treatment for the patient. After discussing the treatment with the patient the doctor uses a voice recording device to record the information about the patient information. This information is recorded using a regular phone or cassette recorder.
This report is now accessed by a medical transcriptionist. The transcriptionist listens to the recording and transcribes in the required format for medical record reference. The next time the patient visits the doctor, the doctor will call for the medical record or the patient's entire chart, which will contain all reports from previous encounters. The doctor can on occasion refill the patient's medications after seeing only the medical record, although doctors prefer to not refill prescriptions without seeing the patient to establish if anything has changed.

It is the responsibility of a medical transcriptionist to type all the needs prescribed by doctors clearly. When it goes wrong, the patient could be at risk if the doctor did not review the document for accuracy. Both the Doctor and the medical transcriptionist play an important role to make sure the transcribed dictation is correct and accurate.

Benefits of Outsourcing medical transcription to Data Entry Solution:

•  Competitive and Transparent Pricing
•  24/7 Customer Support
•  Toll Free Dial In dictation
•  Secured Client login
•  Support any Voice recorders and file formats
•  Dedicated Team option

Medical Transcription



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